Our Team

David Lam
Managing Director

Assigning and explaining tasks to the project team.

Communicating with clients in order to determine the time frames within which projects should be completed.

Calculating the amount of labor, time, and materials needed for each project.

Creating and adjusting project schedules accordingly.

Ordering all construction materials needed for projects.

Supervising the company's field carpenters, unskilled and semi-skilled workers, and subcontractors.

Performing all carpentry duties required, including both rough and finish carpentry.

Maintaining accurate records of all work done by the project team.
Interior Design Consultant

Creativity – creative thinking is the basis of design imagination, and artistic flair is essential for developing client-pleasing designs

Drawing – illustrations and technical drawings are used to plan the design process. Although these consultants use computer drafting programs, they can also quickly sketch a design idea or client request by hand

Drafting experience – interior design consultants draft their own technical drawings and blueprints and are comfortable working with blueprints from other contractors and architects

Spatial perception and visualization – good interior designers can visualize a three-dimensional space from a two-dimensional drawing

Familiarity with design materials – interior designers work with paint, fabrics, art, furniture, and many other products and materials to create aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces

Communication skills – design consultants regularly meet with clients, contractors, and suppliers, and must communicate effectively during every phase of a project
Adam Saw
Senior Interior Designer

Create and present interior design concepts in response to client needs.

Create estimates, schedules, and staffing plans to complete projects.

Use software to design, sketch, and provide drawings of proposed projects.

Work with clients to define project requirements and develop design criteria.